Meeting with the govt adviser for youth and sport

On May 28 Cultural Echoes were in the Prime Minister’s office to meet with Gjorgi Tasev – Special adviser for youth and sport to Mr. Zoran Zaev. 

Our members Simona and Tomas had a chance to present the organization and the efforts that were undertaken in the past several months

– the map of abandoned objects
– the launching of an initiative with two municipalities towards having two such objects protected and renovated, and
– the outdoor event for the preservation of the cultural home in the Gazi Baba municipality

It appears that we aren’t the only ones wishing to see abandoned objects becoming independent centers for youth, community engagement and alternative education. Simona and Tomas were pleased to hear from Mr. Tasev that the administration is considering to fill the gap of the absence of such centers.

We are looking forward to helping Mr. Tasev and the eventual task force towards that goal in the best of our capacity.

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