Kuprum – A Subcultural Mine Panel Discussion with Stream

On November 27 Cultural Echoes held a panel discussion titled “Kuprum – A Subcultural Mine” at the Cultural Center in the Gjorche Petrov Municipality. The event was supported by the organization City Scope and the entire project received funding from the national Youth and Sport Agency.

The event consisted of two parts – there were two panel discussions
centered on the potential renovation of the abandoned chromium processing plant KUPRUM and there was an overview of the publication “Kuprum – A Subcultural Mine” which presented the findings from a field research and details from masters dissertations dedicated to the factory that were written by two students of architecture.

A earlier event that was part of the project was an exhibit of the potential solutions for the abandoned industrial complex Kuprum. A gallery of this exhibit can be viewed here.

The panels featured speakers representing various fields and disciplines, like the representative of the union of high school students and youth activist (Blendi Hodai); a manager in one of the most successful Macedonian IT companies, Krsto Zlatkov; former Minister of Culture Robert Alagjozovski; the mayor of the Gjorche municipality Aleksandar Naumovski, and others.

The panelists gave their own account regarding the needs of a cultural/youth center that has the potential to bring positive change to the lives of the young. Since the event was taking place during the Covid restriction, the organizers had it broadcast online. To date, more than 22,200 people have visited the event page or seen the event.

Full list of the panelists:

  • Aleksandar Naumoski – Mayor of the Gjorche Petrov municipality;
  • Rober Alagjozovski – National coordinator for interculturalism and cultural development
  • Jana Brsakoska – President of City Skop
  • Goce Kocevski – attorney at law, member of the young law students association
  • Vesna Radinovska – project coordinator of youth development center Mladi Hub
  • Aleksandar Zarapchiev – organizer of the Echo Mountain Film Festival
  • Blendi Hodai – President of the Union of high school students
  • Simona Dimkovska – President of Cultural Echoes
  • Krsto Zlatkov – SEAVUS Education and Development Center
  • Bojan Petrovski – President of National Youth Council of Macedonia
  • Martin Anastasovski – Moderator

Video summary of the first panel: Student City – need or luxury in times of pandemic

Video summary of the second panel: Skopje, city of opportunity, seen through the example of the abandoned industrial complex Kuprum

A full recording of the live stream can be seen on the following link:


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